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Web design services in Edinburgh

Web design services in Edinburgh

Grow Digital provide contemporary web design Edinburgh businesses are clamouring for. We’re proud of our specialist web designs and collaborate successfully with any kind of business, from e-commerce startups to professional service providers. Our expertise doesn’t just rely on creating web designs from scratch, we’re more than happy to work with existing business website owners on re-designs and upgrades that will ensure the site generates required user and customer interactions.

Website designs in Edinburgh from the experts at Grow Digital

We’re absolutely passionate about web designs that are perfect illustrations of client businesses. That’s one of the reasons we never opt for “off the shelf” themes or templates for any of our website designs. We understand just how important it is that all our clients receive unique websites, so you won’t discover similar website designs anywhere else on the internet!

The line up of digital services provided by Grow Digital

We’re truly proud of our reputation as one of the best web designers in Edinburgh, however, we also offer a variety of additional services. These include:

– Lightning-fast hosting, with free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
– SEO (search engine optimisation) to meet client needs
– Mobile optimisation, to ensure your Edinburgh business is easy to access from all smart devices
– Google Ads managers
– Social media posts and in house expertise
– Logo designs to help startups and existing business owners generate the standout business branding required

Why not take a quick look at our website now, you’re sure to be impressed by the wide variety of website examples on display, alongside some of the testimonials received from satisfied clients.

We understand just how tricky it can be to find top quality, affordable web designers in Edinburgh. But, we let our results speak for themselves. Our website designs always cut the mustard when it comes to high conversion rates, and increased visitor numbers. And, these are some of the reasons Grow Digital has become so popular for unique Edinburgh website designs; with local startups and existing businesses alike.

Contact us today to find out more or address any queries you may have.

Web Design News

Single Page Websites

Single Page Websites

Your planning your new website, in all its glorious pages, sitemaps with user flow and content. You have that deadline in mind when you want to launch the site, for that event or business milestone but as the weeks go by, you haven’t progressed? Life, work, stuff to manage, just disrupts everything, you’re stuck in analysis paralysis. Fear not.

Another type of site has been growing in popularity with small businesses and startups and popping up in Edinburgh web design agencies portfolios. Behold, the single-page site, possibly the answer to your website woes.

What is a single-page site? 

  • One page
  • Easy to navigate
  • Clean and simple
  • Effective, streamlined content

Basically, single-page sites are sites that do what they say on the tin, they only have one page, keeping everything that needs saying in a single document.

No need to navigate to multiple pages, information such as who you are, what you do, where you are and how to get in touch is intuitively gathered together in one place.

Frequently, each page section is ordered in a specific flow and labelled for the user, with the menu smoothly scrolling you to each section rather than navigating to a new page. This lack of browser and page loading means your user can find the information they want much quicker.

Single page websites are often kept quite simple as to not overawe the user with too much information on their screen at the one time, but there’s no limit to the amount of rich media content you can add. Single-page sites often include videos, galleries, maps and forms to engage the audience, without overwhelming them with choices.

What are the advantages? 

Higher conversion rates

SIngle page websites are designed with an end goal in mind, guiding the user to the websites intended action, such as a contact form, product purchase or sign up. Reducing distraction and giving the user just enough to take the next step. That’s why single page sites are often used on landing pages, launch pages and events. The fact there’s typically only one main action to be taken by the user, has proven to increase conversions by more than 37%. That’s because site navigation doesn’t interfere with this focus.

Your website goes live faster

Your time to market is dramatically reduced, meaning less work for you and an efficient build. This works great if you have a sudden deadline to meet for an event launch or product launch. They also work great as a starting point for your company which can be fleshed out and expanded into a full website at a later phase or even to test user interest in your company before investing heavily.

Ideal for mobile devices

With responsive web design an industry standard, the difficulties of navigation websites on a small screen has been dramatically reduced dramatically, but it can still be a pain using such a small screen.  

However, single-page websites are much easier to optimise for mobile and even easier to navigate for the user. In essence, we are just asking them to replicate a task they probably perform way more than they would like to admit…just keep scrolling down as you do on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

What are the downsides?

As you would expect, you aren’t going to be able to have a vast array of unique and useful information waiting to be devoured for your users. Single page websites limit the amount of content you can have when compared with multi-page websites.

It can also make search engine optimisation more of an uphill task, restricting the content you can have on the site which will, in turn, make ranking on search engines for multiple keywords and phrases tough and more expensive.

If those goals are for the future you and right now you need to get online, test a business idea or you need to quickly replace your current site, then single page websites are your friend. Don’t think of it as simply a single page vs a multiple page website choice, think of what stage of business you are in and what goals you are progressing towards. You can always expand your horizons by adding additional landing pages over time. It’s easy to grow, and you can do it at a pace that suits your business.

Interested in a single page website for your business?

Grow Digital Edinburgh is one of the best Edinburgh web design companies and we specialise in creating amazing and engaging single page websites starting from only £495.

Company News

Corona Virus Announcement

Corona Virus Announcement

Extended Opening Hours During Coronavirus Outbreaks

As a business we are very fortunate in that we can work remotely and our industry hasn’t been affected. With this in mind we feel that we can do more to help those that have been.

Throughout the Corona Virus outbreak we will be doing the following:

  • Extending our opening hours from 7am to 7pm
  • Extending our working days to 7 days a week

All of the services that we offer are 100% available

Even though we are working remotely from our own homes, all of the services we offer are 100% available and we can still be contacted in the usual ways:

  • By phone on 0131 202 9009
  • By email at
  • Via our contact page here
  • Via video conferencing using Zoom or Skype

If you are not a client, but would like assistance, especially if you need urgent help for trading through Coronavirus, please call us on 0131 202 9009, email or complete our contact form via the button below.